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Our Chapels

Choose from two classic Art Deco Chapels, each embracing warmth through neutral tones and complemented with elegant stained windows. Each chapel provides the latest digital and AV technology to ensure great scope for services. Ample parking and comfort facilities are also provided.

South Chapel

Calm and peaceful, the Chapel is an attractive place for a memorial service, with capacity for around 100 people. A wide screen monitor also caters for additional family and friends outside, as well as an internal columbarium providing an extra seating option. The Chapel offers digital and audio visual facilities to celebrate and remember a loved one’s life. 

West Chapel

Graceful and intimate, our West Chapel has capacity for around 60 people. Like the South Chapel, it offers AV technology to enable everything from music to visual presentations and other opportunities for family and friends to remember their loved one. The West Chapel provides an elegant, peaceful atmosphere, with places for people to gather under the pergola or the gardens after the service.


Families and friends who would otherwise be unable to attend a funeral service, will now be able to take part at Eastern Suburbs Memorial Park. All chapels now have the capability to live stream, connecting family and friends who may not be in a position to attend the funeral service.

If you would like to add live streaming to your service, please ask your funeral director to book this option. The process is simple and seamless, but please allow 60 minutes before the commencement of the service to ensure you have the technical capacity to receive live streaming.

SMCNSW are pleased to offer this service, particularly during these challenging times where attendance is limited due to COVID-19, and this will be offered complimentary during this period.

Audio Visual Presentations

Both Chapels provide facilities for family and friends to create a beautiful and moving celebration of a loved one’s life. We offer a range of DVD and multimedia players to display visual presentations on our screens.

Testing of audio visual presentations is strongly recommended 24 hours before the service. Please contact our Customer Relations team on 9661 5655 to arrange a time to test media.

Video (Slideshow)

The following file types to be supplied on DVD –

  • mp4
  • Microsoft Power Point (PPT or PPTX)
  • wmv
  • mpeg
  • mov

Please note: Music can be embedded into the presentation but require it be supplied separately on an audio CD as a back-up.


The following file types to be supplied on audio CD (copy or commercial) –

  • mp3
  • mp4
  • wma

Please note: Music can be embedded into the presentation but require all other music to be supplied separately on an audio CD. E.g. entry, reflection and exit songs.

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